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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ghanaian media are demonizing our citizens- Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana, Olufemi Akiboye alleges

Nigeria’s Ambassador to Ghana, Akiboye Olufemi, has accused Ghanaian media of ganging up to demonize and paint in bad light Nigerians residing in their country.

In a statement he personally signed and released yesterday Tuesday June 18th, the Ambassador said it was unacceptable for the Ghanaian press to refer to Nigerians residing in their country as Bunch of Criminals as there are Nigerians doing legitimate business in their country and contributing meaningfully to the growth and tdevelopment of their economy.

In his statement, Akiboye said it is unfair to give the impression that Nigerians based in Ghana are disturbing peace in Ghana, adding that there are Nigerians who are “astute businessmen, bankers, insurance brokers, teeming students as well as investors”.

“The Ghanaian Press, both print and electronic as well as social media seems to have enjoyed a field day in demonising Nigeria which for all intent and purpose, is seen as a fraternal brother to Ghana.

“Captions such as Kidnapping in Ghana: Data shows Nigerians are largely involved in the menace, Two Nigerians shot dead in Upper West, Five Nigerians nabbed for armed robbery, Nigerians attempting to kidnap 4-year old boy at Maimobi as well as the unresolved kidnapping of three Ghanaian girls in Takoradi, kidnapping of the Honorary Consul and Head of Mission of Estonia to Ghana, kidnapping of an Indian businessman and kidnapping of two Canadian girls in Kumasi recently rescued, have become worrisome daily reportage which has caused untold pains, agony as well as apprehension to the teeming law abiding Nigerians living in Ghana.

“Suffice to say that at times like this, a situation where five Ghanaians in company of three Nigerians allegedly kidnapped two Canadians but seems to enjoy wider press coverage as a crime committed by the Nigerians and considers Ghanaians only as accomplices leave much to be desired on the objectivity of such report. In the light of the above, the High Commission wishes to appeal to the local traditional media and social media to be highly circumspect in such reportage.”

The Ambassador stressed that the Nigerian government will not condone any of its citizens committing crime in the country, however, it is important for the Ghanaian media to report their crime stories with all sense of sincerity and not make it a habit to always pin crime stories on Nigerians residing in their country.

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