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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

16-year-old girl accused of killing her newborn baby avoids jail, gets community service and probation

A Nebraska 16-year-old, Antonia Lopez, who admitted to throwing her newborn out a second-floor window right after the baby was born last year, has been sentenced to probation. The teen who was supposed to be tried as an adult for killing her child and faced up to 20 years in jail, received clemency from the judge after her lawyer, claimed that the teen mum threw the newborn baby away because she thought the child was stillborn.

Apart from the probation, she would be sent to a group home for causing the baby's death. The Omaha World-Herald reports that, Juvenile Court Judge, Christopher Kelly after accessing her mental state, told the girl Friday, March 24th that she must undergo therapy, delete her Facebook account and perform only 50 hours of community service.

The girl had pleaded guilty.

Police say Lopez, gave birth Sept. 30 at her mother's apartment in Omaha, Nebraska, tossed the child out the window, then told her mom.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine also said that what the girl did wasn't planned, that "it was more of a panicked reaction."

An autopsy determined the baby was in her seventh month of development.

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