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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Nigerian Lady Expresses Shock After Discovering Her Mother Who Stopped Her From Attending Dance School, Was A Video Vixen For Shina Peters

A twitter user took to the mocro-bblogging website to recount her shock upon discovering her mum was a video vixen for Sir Shina Peters.

She shared her surprise because her mum stopped her from attending dance school.

According to her, her video vixen mother defended herself saying she was all covered in the video unlike 21st century video vixens. Here’s her tweet;

Read her tweets below;

So yesterday I saw my mum in an old shina peter’s video dancing… My mum was a video vixen (someone that didn’t allow me go to a dance school) She must explain this

It was her She said it was just one video and at least she was all covered up unlike video vixens of nowadays (issokay)
But damn ,she was shooting ass ,that’s twerking nao My childhood is ruined

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