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Monday, December 25, 2017

Pastor Feeds Congregation Rat Poison To Prove They’re Above Death, And They All Die

According to Popular UK Website Unilad, A priest tried to prove his congregation were ‘immortal’ by feeding them rat poison and – as you can imagine – it went as badly as you’d expect.

Priest Light Monyeki from Soshanguve, South Africa, took it upon himself to prove his followers were both ‘superhuman’ and ‘immortal’, with a seriously dangerous stunt.

The priest declared to his congregation they should not fear death, as they will not die, before proceeding to pour bottles of water contaminated with rat poison into their mouths. Unfortunately for them they were more than happy to oblige.

He said:

We do not need to proclaim faith because we are believers. Death has no power over us.

Horrifyingly, many of his followers ran forward to take a fatal swig of the lethal stuff in a desperate bid to get closer to God.

The priest first drank the poison fluid before pouring it down the throats of his loyal congregation.

Predictably, members of his church started to complain of stomach pains and by the evening, five of them had died.

A further 13 were taken to hospital for the ingestion of the lethal drink, but despite all of this Monyeki allegedly denied responsibility.

Instead he declared:

Too much of any good thing could be bad.

Priest Feeds Congregation Rat Poison To Prove They’re Above Death… They All Die religion fb

Surely he’s not referring to his poison drink as a ‘good thing,’. There’s a line when it comes to dark humour.

The incident sparked a police investigation, but no arrests were made.

It’s infuriating to think this priest ever thought for a second this was a good idea and it highlights a gross abuse of power.

Live Strong writes on the effect rodenticides have on humans:

Various rat poisons used to control rodents have potent effects on people if ingested. Many rat poisons contain anticoagulants, which are medications that interfere with blood clotting.

As rats have become resistant to poisons, new superwarfarins that are more toxic to both rats and people have been marketed.

Several other rat poisons are used by government agencies or trained personnel only. The University of Florida reports that in the US in 1996, more than 13,000 people ingested rat poison – 96 percent unintentionally. Full effects of taking rat poison may not occur for up to two weeks after ingestion.

RIP to all the lives so recklessly taken.

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