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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Shell on challenge is the latest challenge to hit the internet and doctors are warning of the dangers

The latest challenge to hit the internet is the "shell on" challenge. This challenge sees children eating food with the wrap or shell on just to go viral.

The new social media craze has been attempted by a number of people and they filmed it and shared online.

Some of the teenagers are seen eating food together with the plastic bag it came with after their friends challenged them to swallow things like banana peels, cardboard and cores of apples.

Liam Hamm, a pupil at McClintock High School in Tempe, Arizona, was filmed on Snapchat swallowing carrots and their packaging.

The video was captioned: "Y’all eat your carrots without the shell?"

Speaking to the Democrat and Chronicle, the boy said: "It just looks funny, because it’s not really a shell but people are calling things shells. I guess that is what’s funny about it."

The "Shell on" challenge replaced the "Tide Pod" challenge, which saw people eating laundry detergent pods.

As the challenge gains momentum, doctors have warned teenagers not to eat plastic. But this warning hasn't stopped people from filming themselves doing the challenged and sharing online.

Watch a video below.

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