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Saturday, April 20, 2019

MJ VS Beyonce trends as Nigerians argue about who is a better performer between Michael Jackson and Beyonce (screenshots)

A heated debate has ensued on Twitter regarding who is a better performer between Michael Jackson and Beyonce.

No doubt, Michael Jackson and Beyonce are two musicians who have made great impact with their talent, but Twitter users believe they are not on the same level and have resorted to comparing MJ vs Beyonce.

This comparison comes after the release of Beyonce's Homecoming documentary which showed the efforts Bey put into making her Coachella performance exceptional. She had just given birth to twins via an emergency C-Section after suffering pre-eclampsia during pregnancy. Yet, she refused to stay home to recuperate and immediately went into beast mode, exercising and dieting just to get back into shape.

Following the release of the documentary, Some Twitter users began to refer to her as the greatest of all time and no one, not even Michael Jackson, can compare. But some tweeps felt there was no basis for the comparison as both artists were from different eras. Some said Michael was able to make so much impact globally, even without the internet, whereas the internet helped give Beyonce reach.

Some compared them based on their stage performances and the impact they had on the crowd during concerts. They pointed out that people fainted when MJ performed but Bey hasn't been able to achieve that.

So far, web users have been unable to come to an agreement as diehard Beyonce fans insist she's the best of all time, whereas, others say she's good but can't compare with the late MJ.

See some tweets below.

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