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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Photos: Nigerian Lady Doing Her Youth Service Flogs Her An SS2 Boy Almost 50strokes Of Cane For Calling Her “Aunty Ass” And Asking Her Out

This young lady named Josep’s ‏ @Bumbabili is currently going viral on twitter after she revealed that she was nicknamed “Aunty ass” and then had to flog an ss2 student who asked her out

Lol so today my sss2 student told me, aunty you are my wife i can pay your brideprice Long story short i flogged him for every letter of his name. And i Multiplied it by 2 since he’s in ss2,

When I got my posting letter and came to my ppa. My employer asked me to pls be the science teacher. When the kids saw a female teaching physics, they laughed at me all day. Till I gave the whole class frog jump for thirty mins

Now, two months later, I still joke with them. I mean they’re my kids. But e get limit. They even nicknamed me aunty idi. Im still trying to figure out who gave me that name tho

see a reaction that went viral;

by @Bimzee_
I experienced something similar during my service year. The girl is stubborn, I always flog her and she opened up one day, “Uncle you are always beating me, I know you don’t love me but I love you” I was shocked but since that day I’ve started calling her my sister. Jss2 girl

Because assuming you kept quiet and did say or do anything to the kid when he said that, u will just notice that he will grow in confidence and might even decide to tap that ass one day, oh myyyy

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