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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Charly Boy Starts Sit Out At The Libyan Embassy, Abuja, In Protest Against The Ongoing Slave Trade In Libya

Charlie boy who is currently protestung as we speak retweeted the series of tweets from @OurMumuDonDo and @Adebayoraph:

Our peaceful demonstration today at the Libya Embassy Abuja against the barbaric selling and buying of Nigerians in Libya.

Nigerians with conscience were there. You too can join us again at the Foreign Affairs Commission on Monday.

#EndSlaveTrade #OurMumuDonDo

Nigerians are being sold as slaves for as low as $400 in Libya but the president of Nigeria is busy hobnobbing with other carefree African presidents.

Have we no shame anymore?

Was Nigeria cursed to have leaders like this ?

There is injustice everywhere. There will always be injustice everywhere. What we must not do is to sit and allow injustice anywhere. Even if we have to die like a soldier in the end, we must fight these injustices till we draw our last breathe.

The slavery transaction that we see in Libya today did not start yesterday. It has been there for a long time, since Stone Age, I dare to say. As it is in Libya today, so it was in prehistoric Nigeria; circa 11000BC in the Hausa Kingdoms.

Slavery will end only in a Nigeria, and indeed, a Africa, where there are no nobles and there are no commoners. For the courage to sell humans as slaves comes from the thinking that one is higher than the other human being.

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