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Saturday, April 22, 2017

U.S based Nigerian mother marries her female partner

A Nigerian lesbian woman, Moji Solar-Percy, married her American female partner in the US, some days ago. Solar-Percy is a Real Estate Broker and LGBT Activist. A guest who attended the wedding said it held on April 16th and no photos were initially taken. The guest wrote:

"It was a beautiful wedding! Congrats to the Lovely couple, my Mentors! Moji Solar- Percy and Doc! God bless you. Sorry no pictures of the couple, No camera's and phone were allowed in the event! At first we like what!!!! All my plans to bombard facebook, Ig and Snapchat down the drain. But not having our phones, forced us to stay in the moment and celebrate the love of two people. The ceremony was amazing. The love in the air was palpable. I couldn't eat anything because i was so excited for the couple. I was on the dance floor from beginning till the end."
However, Moji has shared photos from her big day on social media. She captioned them:

"Today I married the love of my life .... Full of gratitude to all of you that came from far and near to celebrate with us."

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