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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Caitlyn Jenner claims Khloe Kardashian hasn't spoken to her in two years

In an interview with Andy Cohen on Wednesday, Caitlyn Jenner said she 's been frozen out by her stepdaughter Khloe Kardashian as she hasn't spoken to her in a couple of years.

"She doesn't want to talk to me, She hasn't talked to me in, like, two years". the former Olympic athlete, 67, told Cohen on Radio Andy on SiriusXM. "
"That's sad," Jenner continued.

"I was very very close to Khloé, I mean I had 23 years of raising her. I met Khloe when she was 5 years old."

When the Bravo host asked if that hurt, he replied,

"Of course it hurts. Cause she was on Howard Stern and called me a liar. And that kind of pissed me off too cause I never lied to her, you know, if I didn't tell her everything. First of all, she never asked."Jenner explained that Kim Kardashian did ask about her transition from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.

"Kim asked and I brought her in and told her before I did anything. I don't know if I got too heavily into actually transitioning but I told her all my story"The gold medallist, who came out as a trans women in an interview with Diane Sawyer in April 2015, also told Cohen that her ex-wife Kris Jenner is so hurt over her newly released memoir, The Secrets of My Life, "

"She called me up and said she never wanted to talk to me again, so I haven't called her back." said Caitlyn.
"My book is honest and it's my story and I'm sorry she feels that way," Jenner continued. "And I just don't want her to alienate me from my children." she added.
She admitted that she's not sure what her relationship is going to be with her former stepchildren, and her own daughters with Jenner, Kendal and Kylie.

"I don't know, we'll see how that goes off in the future," she said

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