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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Kenyan woman gives birth to huge 6.3kg baby boy

A 35-year-old woman in Busia, Kenya has given birth to a baby weighing 6.3kgs.

Everlyne Atieno Osinya from Ong’ariama village delivered the baby boy through Caesarean Section at Alupe Hospital.

“I was happy when I delivered a healthy baby even though doctors found that his blood sugar was high but doctors are taking care of him,” she said.

Busia Medical Superintendent Faith Atieno says the bouncing baby has no medical complications despite his huge weight.

“We are still keeping an eye on him because his blood sugar was dropping below normal levels,” Dr. Atieno said.

According to her, women who give birth to babies who weigh more than average usually have a history of diabetes or obesity.

She added that subsequent births of such women also tend to be similar to the first one.

The mother of the newborn said her first child weighed 6kgs but never had any complications.

“The only problem is usually when its time for me to give birth. This time round I decided to only eat vegetables so I would get a smaller baby but I was surprised that the weight remained the same,” Everlyne added.

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