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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Singer, Blackky Inyang, calls out Nigerian entertainers that abuse drugs and glorify the act through their songs

Veteran singer, Blackky Inyang has called out his colleagues in the industry that abuse drugs and glorify the act in their music. Posting on his Facebook page, the singer wrote;

I am deeply worried about the high level of drug abuse amongst some of my colleagues-Artistes..musicians...etc

The abuse of tramadol,codeine,Indian hemp, etc have become so rampant these days and to make matters worse some of these Artistes go ahead to glorify these highly destructive hard drugs in their songs thereby encouraging their listeners and fans to experiment with them.

This must stop!

To those Artistes/Musicians doing this, they must realise that music is so POWERFUL and capable of destroying an entire generation or even generations unborn so they must be careful what songs they put out there.

They must also realise that they do NOT need any hard drugs,Indian hemp etc to compose good music,perform on stage or even face a crowd....all this will come NATURALLY......Ovastand??

These drugs are capable of destroying you so please stop the abuse!


The Blackman.

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