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Monday, September 18, 2017

Woman attacks husband after he barges into her room to interrupt her while she was masturbating

A woman attacked her husband after he barged into her bedroom while she was masturbating in their Florida home.

Flavia Higgs, 42, and her husband Garrett, 43, live in the same house in Port St Lucie but they sleep in separate bedrooms and have not been intimate for a year. So, on September 7, Garrett came home at around 12.30 a.m. and heard moans coming from inside his wife's locked bedroom. He was convinced it was another man in there pleasuring his wife, so not bothering to knock, he used a screwdriver to quietly unlock her door and break in to her room.

He found out she was alone when he broke in and that she had been masturbating. This led to a fight between the couple who have three children together, and at some point during their altercation, Flavia, a licensed private investigator, hit her husband in the face. The fight continued and the Flavia called 911. When police arrived, they found Garrett in the driveway. An arrest affidavit reads: "He said he and his wife have been estranged for some time living in separate bedrooms and had not had any intimate time in over a year. He said when he heard the noise he went to the room where she was staying and heard the sounds again."
The affidavit continues to tell Flavia's side of the story: "She said their relationship was failing and she had been living in another room. She said she was pleasuring herself and he barged in to the room. She jumped up and went to the door to stop him and tried to physically escort him away at which point he pushed her arm away and against the wall."Flavia was arrested for misdemeanor domestic battery and was taken to the Port St Lucie County Jail which she has since been released from. Meanwhile, Garrett describes himself as "separated" online.

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