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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CELEBRITY UPDATES:Amber Rose has a serious fashion FAIL as she promotes her new book dressed in a bizarre brown jumpsuit

Amber Rose
Amber Rose gets a bum deal from her stylist
Most days she can make a bin bag look sexy.
But Amber Rose hit a serious bum note as she stepped out in a bizarre brown jumpsuit.
The curvaceous model put both her boobs and her backside on show in the loose-fitting corduroy onesie with plunging back and a low V-neck.
Despite putting her shapely assets in centre spotlight, not even Amber could make this ensemble work.

Amber Rose
We're not loving this look

Amber Rose
Ample Amber flaunts her rear
The shaven-haired star was pictured as she promoted her new book, aptly titled 'How To Be a Bad B****', in a Philadelphia book shop.
Sorry Amber, but we doubt anyone was looking at your book.
Kanye West's ex completed her interesting outfit with a pair of gold sunglasses - despite being indoors - and some large hooped earrings.
She managed to retain an element of glamour thanks to a splash of deep red lipstick.

Amber Rose
She's looking pretty pleased with herself
Amber's first literary endeavour is an "edgy yet accessible bad b****h” guide to life, love, and success".
It will be full of personal anecdotes - which we personally can’t wait for – but if readers are hoping for a big ol’ Kanye section they could be disappinted.
During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night the blonde stunner made viewers at home squirm when she refused to answer questions about the Power rapper and his wife, Kim Kardashian.
Clearly host Andy Cohen didn't get the memo to avoid all 'Kimye' lines of questioning because Amber didn't want to play ball.
Amber Rose on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: "They're Not Relevant"
"No, I am not talking about Kanye West or the Kardashians," she declared.
"Because they’re just… not relevant to my life. My life is just very different now."
Amber also claimed to have "moved on", which is true as she got married (and then split from) Black and Yellow rapper Wiz Khalifa.
The mother-of-one was congratulated by Cohen, who wryly told her: "Congratulations on doing the worst job on Plead the Fifth and not answering any of the questions."

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