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Thursday, July 2, 2020

Flight attendant, 21, left with lips that resembled a "baboon's bottom" after botched lip filler treatment (photos)

A flight attendant has disclosed how a botched lip filler treatment left her with swollen lips that looked like she had "baboon bottom" lips.

Olivia McCann, 21, from Chorley, Lancashire, revealed how her lips were massaged so hard during a dissolving procedure that they grew to triple their size and "looked like they were about to pop."

The beautician reportedly assured her that swelling was normal, but Olivia was so horrified with the result that she hid at home for four days and declined her boyfriend's video calls.

In 2019, Olivia had a successful lip filler at another salon. She then decided to try a different filler elsewhere and was told she would need to have residual product dissolved first. It was during this £100 procedure, in March 2020, that her lips were injected with dissolver and vigorously massaged. This made her lips expand.

Due to how her lips looked after the treatment, Olivia wore sunglasses to avoid people recognising her and was forced to miss two days of work.

It isn't the first time Olivia has had filler-related disasters. She has had several other experiences at different salons over two years including swelling, lumpiness and uneven distribution of filler.

Now Olivia is sharing pictures of her latest ordeal to inspire others to do proper research before having invasive cosmetic treatments after lockdown.

Her lips later returned to their normal size but the experience has not put her off cosmetic surgery. She said she would still go under the needle again.

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