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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Missing Burundian Teens: 'I Think They Planned Their Disappearance In The US With Their Parents - Their Coach Says

 teenagers from Burundi who went missing after representing the East African country at the first Global Challenge robotics competition in Washington, D.C.

Now the director of a school that sent two of the teens said Monday, that they might have probably left the East African nation to seek a better life in the US.

Esperence Niyonzima who is the director of Iteletique, also said their parents she spoke with "were not concerned" by their disappearance.

Niyonzima also noted that many Burundians, even those who go in official or government missions, always fail to return home.

"I think it is the same case for these teens," she said. "Maybe they wanted a better life because everyone wants more in life, and they saw maybe a better life than in Burundi, she was quoted by US NEWS.

She also said that the teens were not directly in harm's way.

Event organizers believe the teens may have planned their disappearance, while their coach, Canesius Bindaba who also went with them is insinuating that their parents helped them to disappear.

"I think they planned it together behind my back," Bindaba said.

Bindaba also said he was disappointed.

"We've taken a good place," he said. "Out of 163 teams, Burundi was the 73rd. These children learned many things. They should not stay in USA. Burundians must know that we cannot develop our own country while we still see living in western countries as our salvation."

However, authorities in D.C. are still investigating the missing case. They say there are no indications of foul play but revealed that two of the teens were recently seen crossing the border into Canada.

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