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Thursday, June 29, 2017

South African gay media personality, Somizi details his sexual encounter with a famous musician and his girlfriend in Tell-all book

In his new tell-all-book, South African choreographer and TV/ radio personality Somizi Mhlongo details his first sexual encounter with a famous musician and his girlfriend, an orgy he was once invited to by a Nigerian man, his many sex escapades, his friendship with late pop singer Brenda Fassie, among other racy anecdotes.

The book titled Dominoes: Unbreakable Spirit, was launched at a private event in Johannesburg on Wednesday night. Co-written with Sowetan entertainment editor and and author Lesley Mofokeng, the memoir details Mhlongo's life story...his successes, failures and scandals.
In snippets published by The Sowetan, Somizi reveals how on the day of his father’s funeral, he ended up in bed with a well-known musician and his girlfriend. He says the encounter made him aware of “certain feelings” he had never experienced before.

"My heart throbbing and loins on fire, the scent of a man and the prickly hairy legs fired me up. We fondled. I was actually the one touching him, and he touched me back, sending me into a tizz of ecstasy," he is quoted as saying.
The book further details how a kwaito star friend of his took him to a club in Hillbrow, where a Nigerian man took them to an apartment full of girls. Somizi did not really see much of what happened that night, as he says he took a glass of champagne and passed out from exhaustion.
"It was an orgy. People were having sex, and taking drugs and champagne was flowing. I took a glass of champagne and passed out from exhaustion because I was tired from my trip to Port Elizabeth. When I woke up these guys were demanding me to pay R12000 bill, when I only took a glass of champagne."
He says when he woke up, people demanded that he pay a R12 000 bill. After asking what it was for, as he only took one glass of champagne, he says they told him it was for the artist and the girls.
"I asked what was the money for and they said it was for the artist and girls." Mhlongo said he had only R2 000 in his wallet and was forced to go to the ATM to withdraw money."

He further details a 2007 sexual assault case brought against him by a “stranger” he had given a lift. The two went to Somizi’s house, had a few beers and “fondled” each other.
“He climaxed, then he said, please take me home,” Somizi writes.
He was found guilty by a Randburg court, and had to pay a fine.
In the book there are more sexcapades, including how he cheated on his boyfriend Tom, and how his friends in the music industry snorted drugs freely in front of him.
He also mentions his friendship with the late pop singer Brenda Fassie, who apparently offered him drugs.
"When she (Brenda) offered me drugs I said, no, not for me. And I had sinus problems, as such I was afraid of anything going inside my nose. She did not like that. She said I was boring and not like everyone else."

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