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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sherri Shepherd's ex husband demands more child support payments for their 2 year old son

Comedian and The View co-host, Sherri Shepherd's ex-husband Lamar Sally is asking for more child support payments for his 2-year-old son who was born via surrogate after Sherry and Lamar separated. In the docs he just filed in L.A. he said that the $4,100 a month he gets for their son isn't enough.

Lamar says when their deal was first made, it was under the belief that Sherri made just over $1.8 mil a year but now he says he believes her income's closer to $3 mil. Lamar claims their son has a medical condition that requires plenty of expensive medical treatment. He claims that Sherri's acting gigs, stand-up career and 3% profit grab in a wig company are her main money makers. He is also asking for $75,000 to cover his legal fees for their divorce.

The couple got married in August 2011. Shortly after they got married, Sherri told Lamar that she desperately wanted a child with him which he agreed to after much persuasion from her (according to Lamar's exclusive interview with Daily Mail in 2014), unfortunately, her eggs weren't viable for pregnancy. So in September 2012, Sherri said the couple was searching for a surrogate in order to have a child.

They eventually found someone to be a surrogate for them and Sherri agreed to pay the woman $30,000 to carry their child.

They used to woman's eggs and Lamar's sperm to make the baby.

However, Lamar filed for separation on May 2, 2014, and Sherri filed for divorce days later.

In July 2014, Lamar Sally petitioned a Los Angeles court for full legal and physical custody of their unborn child expected via surrogacy, who was later born in August 2014.

After the child was born, Sherri went to court asking to be broken of all ties to the child. But in April 21, 2015, a Pennsylvania court ruled that Shepherd is the legal parent of the child born from a surrogate mother even though he has no DNA link to Shepherd.

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