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Monday, October 19, 2015

Chloe Mafia's boobs look bigger than ever as she hits the heartbreak diet after split

She was always incredibly trim but it seems Chloe Mafia has gone on a bit of heartbreak diet over the last couple of months.
The former X Factor star split from her super rich Spearmint Rhino partner John Gray in September - just months after they showed off their lavish lifestyle in a joint shoot.
But now 24-year-old Chloe, who also goes by surname Khan, has revealed she’s on a diet, as she shared pictures of her pre-prepared food.

Chloe.khan/InstagramChloe Mafia on Instagram
Look at all Chloe's healthy food

Chloe Khan with Boyfriend John Grey
Chloe and John split in September

It wasn’t however her food that anyone was looking at – instead it was her incredibly small waist - which was accentuated with a waist trainer that in turn made her boobs look bigger than ever.
She captioned the snap: “I'm ready to get in the best shape of my life And I don't have to cook anymore wooh.”
In September, it was revealed that Chloe and John - who's one of the richest men in the adult entertainment industry- had decided to split.

John, who was 34 years her senior, met British Chloe at the Playboy mansion last Halloween.
Her rep said at the time: "Chloe and John have mutually decided to part ways. There is no one else involved in their break-up, they have broken-up because it's difficult to maintain a long-distance relationship.
"However, Chloe and John remain the best of friends and are going on holiday together with Chloe's daughter very soon."
Chloe split her time between the UK, where her family live, and the US with John - but it looks like she has stayed in the US since the split.
The model shot to fame on the X Factor, and has since made a name for herself in the modelling industry - and along with Playboy, she is the international face of strip club chain Spearmint Rhino – after John offered her the gig.
The star was ridiculed after appearing on the singing contest, but has since gone on to make a fortune from setting up a webcam business, alongside her modelling work.

Chloe Khan
Chloe has found fame as a model

She hit headlines first when she auditioned for the X Factor

She now travels the world in the lap of luxury, flying in private jets, driving fast cars and wearing designer clothes.
But life was not always so lavish for Chloe – she grew up in abject poverty in a council house in the North of England.
Chloe previously said: “I just had to make a life for myself because I knew the life I had in Wakefield was no life at all.
“I didn’t want my family to live like that anymore – I didn’t know how to get out but I just knew that I wanted to.
“My lifestyle is pretty incredible now – it’s mansions and private jets and everything else that I could only imagine when I was younger.”

Chloe Khan with Boyfriend John Grey
John and Chloe did a shoot together

A collect photo of Chloe Khan before she became a businesswoman

In 2010 the 24-year-old changed her life forever when she appeared on The X Factor – leading her to be ridiculed by the nation’s press.
Chloe was labeled a bad mother because of drug allegations and there were even claims that she worked as an escort – which she vehemently denies.
She now shares custody of her daughter, Destiny, with the child's father.

She said: “I didn’t have a road map that’s why I did it.
“I didn’t think I was a singer, I know I’m not a singer but I just wanted to try anything – it was desperation, I just wanted to get away.
“At the time it was a nightmare but I am now glad that I went through it – it’s like I’m watching somebody else when I see clips of myself as Chloe Mafia.

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