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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Nigerian man who stabbed his mother to death in the UK sentenced to Life imprisonment

Emmanuel Kalejaiye, the 21 year old Nigerian man who stabbed his own mother, 41 year old Tolu Kalejaiye, to death at their home in the UK has been sentenced to life imprisonment. Emmanuel who has been diagnosed with a mental ailment, stabbed his mother 40 times in the head, face, neck, upper limbs & hands during a frenzied knife attack in Sept2013. His mum until her death was an accountant with the Camden Council in England. When interrogated, Emmanuel admitted to killing his mother .

"I admit killing my mother by stabbing her. I did this because she subjected me to a lifetime of physical and mental abuse. She used the Bible to rationalize what she did to me. I believe she manipulated and brainwashed me. I have been very depressed for a long time. I have tried to overcome it but I couldn’t take it anymore”.

A UK court had in April 2014 found Emmanuel guilty of manslaughter and not murder due to his mental ailment. At a resumed hearing of the case on Thursday June 18th, a telephone message she sent with her phone to her boyfriend, Leo Shogunle, when she was being attacked by her son was played.

In the audio, she was heard calling on her son to stop stabbing her until the telephone became chillingly quiet. Her boyfriend raced to the house to find her in the pool of her own blood.

Medical experts told the court that Emmanuel has been suffering from Chronic depression.

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