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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Nigerian lady who called out an about-to-wed man over alleged rape, shares more details

The Nigerian lady who called out a prospective groom over rape, has shared more details of the incident which allegedly occurred while they were still students of University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

According to Lighthouse Beacon, the man identified as Oluwafemi Oloidi allegedly raped her after buying her a bottle of Smirnoff and chips worth N600. She further claimed that even after giving him N1000 to pay back for all he bought, he went ahead with the act after hitting her head with a wooden object.

She shared screenshots of a chat she had with a mutual friend and wrote;

The second time I posted about Femi Oloidi Raping me, his friend whom I met him through inboxed me.
This are some of the Chats. I can not and would not just come up with untruths...I promised that I will tell his wife. I guess they thought I was Joking. It’s left to her to marry a rapist and live with it for the rest of her life...

He already lied to a mutual friend that he will apologize but he did not.

He is still that person that raped me ten years ago.

Lighthouse Beacon also lashed out at men she accused of being rape apologists. She wrote in a rejoinder post;

So many “guilty” men are running around my posts trying to shame me. Oh no!!

I will shame you first.

A victim of rape has no shame...instead,the rapist is the shameful criminal.

You ask me why I’m coming out now? It’s because I’m Alive and I can “come out”.

Uwa is dead, like so many others and I know you would be happier if I died as that is the only way rape victims can get audience around these parts.

I was just 17- 21 during my years at UNN and I know how almost all my friends were raped.

To a lot of UNN boys, it was a sport.

I can remember their faces as I type...many of them, hiding under the cover of fraternity memberships.

I still remember the red light areas...Hilltop, udenigwe, Ezenweze...areas you learned to avoid going for visitation to any guy because you could become a victim.

If you know any UNN female student, do well and ask.

I will go live this afternoon to speak out loud.

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