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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

London based Pentecostal Church SPAC Nation, defends itself from allegations levelled against it

SPAC Nation, the London based Pentecostal Church led by a Nigerian that has recorded unprecedented success in gathering young people and rehabilitation of delinquents in the UK has defended itself from allegations levelled against it declaring that they are borne out of vendetta by few disgruntled former members and mischief-makers.

The Church led by Tobi Adegboyega records a weekly attendance of over 2,000 people mostly young and upwardly mobile professionals; who worship and Praise exuberantly, praying passionately and seen by many as very prosperous; an uncommon move in the UK.

The Church in a press statement issued by its Board of Trustees urged members of the public in the UK and Africa to ignore the media propaganda mounted against the Church mostly orchestrated by criminals and drug peddlers whose criminal sources of livelihood were shut down by the church.

“The current bad press, a major fallout of the recent UK election where some losers wrongly accused the church of bringing its ‘Evangelical zeal’ to support some contestants who were members of the church, apparently afraid of the increasing influence of a youthful ethnic minority church.

”However, as a Charity organisation, we are non-partisan but we will support the aspirations of any of our members as permitted by the law.

According to the Uk Charity commission ‘an inquiry is not the finding of wrongdoing’.

The Church has never being under any investigation neither is it under any at the moment.

All the various allegations are twisted, inaccurate and mostly from fake online accounts. The Board will investigate any credible claim.

Our Commitment to seeing young people love God, prosper and shun illegal activities remains unshaken.

This is what we have done passionately for 14 years in the Uk without any govt funding and our results are too credible to ignore.

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