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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Police find almost 100 fetal remains in abortion doctor's vehicle, weeks after more than 2,200 preserved fetuses were discovered at his home

Police authorities have found close to 100 fetal remains in the vehicle belonging to Dr. Ulrich Klopfer, the specialist abortion doctor who died last month just after police found over 2000 fetal remains in the garage of his Illinois residence.

Klopfer, 71, died on September 3, and about 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains were discovered in his Will County, Illinois home after family members went through his house and belongings a week later.

According to the South Bend Tribune, Klopfer is the state's 'most prolific abortion doctor in history,' as he has performed tens of thousands of abortion procedures in multiple Indiana counties for decades, and his license was suspended in 2016 for failure to exercise reasonable patient care and violating multiple notice and documentation requirements during abortions.

It was also found out during investigations that Klopfer had been carrying out abortions on girls under 14 years of age and had been using the same sort of abortion and sedation procedures that he had used since the 1970s and 1980s- even though there were not casualties or complications after the procedure.

The Will County sheriff's office says during its investigation last month into the origin of the remains found in the garage of the doctor's rented property, it became aware of numerous vehicles and properties either owned or rented by Klopfer in the Chicago suburb of Dolton.

Eight vehicles belonging to Klopfer were located, and in the trunk of one car, five plastic bags and a box were found to contain "numerous medically preserved fetal remains."

According to the sheriff's office, fewer than 100 fetal remains were recovered Wednesday, although that may change "pending a more thorough examination of the contents and records."

Will County police on recovering the new fetal remains in the doctors vehicle said;
''The Will County Sheriff’s Office was made aware that numerous vehicles and possibly other property owned by Dr. Klopfer were stored in an outdoor gated lot of a business located in Dolton, Illinois,'

"The remains recovered were preserved, packaged, and marked similarly to the previous fetal remains discovered at the Klopfer residence,"

In 2014, Indiana Department of Health cited Klopfer's clinic for 27 deficiencies and started investigating his hospital, the investigation resulted in Klopfer's clinic being cited for 27 deficiencies according to reports by Daily Mail UK and ABC 57.

The state agency filed another complaint and hearing request to revoke the clinic's abortion license when the clinic failed to submit a plan of correction for the previous deficiencies.

The state agency in June 2015 also found that the clinic wasn't adhering to the state law that patients needed to give their voluntary and informed consent 18 hours prior to an abortion being performed, instead Klopfer and his clinic gave out the abortion medication during the initial consultation, instead.

Whether Klopfer carried out the abortions in his home is yet to be determined by police investigators.

Klopfer's defence line during investigations was that he had never had a patient die or go into cardiac arrest in the 43 years of his practicing abortions - as he also revealed he once aborted the foetus of a 10-year-old girl at an Illinois hospital after she had been raped by her uncle.

He however didn't report the rape to the police but allowed the child go home with her parents who were aware of what the uncle did and didn't want to involve the police either .

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