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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Central Park 5's Korey Wise bought a luxury condo that overlooks Central Park

Korey Wise spent almost 14 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Now that he's been exonerated he has bought a luxury condo overlooking the park where he was accused of raping a woman.

In 1989, Korey wise, 16 years old at the time, and 4 other teenage boys were accused of raping and battering a woman in Central Park. All 5 black and hispanic boys became known as "Central Park 5".

They were all found guilty and sentenced to years in jail. Korey, who was the oldest of all five boys, got the harshest sentence and suffered the most horrific treatment while in jail.

Korey in 1989

Fortunately, while in jail, Korey met Matias Reyes, an inmate who had been convicted of a string of rapes and a murder. Matias, having given his life to Christ, confessed to being the one who raped and battered 28-year-old Trisha Meili in Central Park back in 1989.

Korey was released as a result and he and the other boys, now men, were compensated with $40 million.

Central Park 5, now grown men

Korey, who still lives in New York City, and is a criminal justice activist, recently bought a $925,000 luxury condo in Harlem that overlooks Central Park, the same place where his tragic story began.

Asides being a successful activist, Korey is also a public speaker who has worked extensively with the nonprofit the Innocence Project, and was awarded the Man of Vision Award in March from the National Action Network. In 2016, he donated $190,000 to Colorado's Innocence Project.

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