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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

"We keep going to our gay friends' wedding to women even when we know it's wrong" Bisi Alimi addresses a pressing issue

Bisi Alimi has spoken about the rise in the number of gay men marrying unsuspecting straight women. The gay rights activists wrote on Facebook:

We keep going to our gay friends' wedding to a straight women, even when we know it is wrong.

We come home, think about it and ask ourselves is this is really what we should be doing.

Our loyalty is split; do we celebrate our friends who are submitting to the pressure of the society they find themselves. Men who have refused to be the change they seek

Or do we feel pity for the poor woman who is now caught up in this mess? A mess she consciously or unconsciously played a role in by upholding a system of oppression and suppression through homophobia.

Or maybe, like everyone else, we just resign to fate, knowing that we are all a pawn in this game of deceits. The men, the women, the haters and the hated, we all play our roles, we live, we laugh, we cry, and we die.

Sometimes, to be remembered in love or hate, and something to be forgotten even before we are swallowed up by the earth.

Life is what we made of it, but one thing is clear, we are never a passive passerby in this world, we leave out foot prints and we will always be judged for that.

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