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Monday, December 17, 2018

Some Nigerian men defend Yaba traders and call out women for protesting harassment in the market place (screenshots)

The Market March which held in Yaba to protest harassment in the market place is still trending on social media and some men have come to the defence of the traders while calling out women for complaining about being touched inappropriately.

Twitter user, @Papadonkee, in a sarcastic thread, exposed some male Twitter users who are defending the male traders and calling out the women for staging a protest.

The men made various excuses for the traders who grope women. Some said women have no right to complain because that is simply the men's marketing strategy. Some said it is the women's fault for not covering up, and there were those who said the women are lying because they have been to Yaba market severally and have never seen men grope women.

Some of the men deleted their tweets after it was highlighted by @Papadonkee but a lot still left theirs.

Conversely, there were a lot of men who called out the Yaba traders and applauded the Yaba Market March.

Below are some of the tweets from Nigerian men defending harassment in the market place.

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