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Friday, November 9, 2018

Meet the childhood sweethearts who lived as husband and wife for 20-years before remarrying as wife and wife (Photos)

This the story of an Isreali couple who got married as husband and wife in 1996 before they got remarried again as women in 2017 following the husband's gender reassignment surgery.

Father-of-four Amit Tsuk who got all the support from his wife Galit through his gender reassignment surgery came out as a transgender woman on his 40th birthday.

After the surgery, things became difficult for the childhood sweethearts who lived as husband and wife for 20-years. The two women later went their separate ways and were granted a divorce in 2017.

The former couple from Nahariya, Israel, recently featured in a new documentary focusing on the aftermath of Amit’s decision to live as a woman.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline this week, she explained: ‘I loved [Amit] so much that I didn’t care if [she] was a man or a woman.'

It was also revealed that The Tsuk children were equally open-minded about their father's journey, with daughters Yuval, Agam and Peleg offering jewellery, trinkets and makeup tips.

Amit blamed her difficult childhood and injury sustained while serving in the Israeli army for keeping her in the closet for so long, making her feel she was 'living in disguise' trapped in a man's body.

Galit recalls: 'At first I thought [she] was kidding, and I told [her] to go back to sleep because this must be a nightmare.'

But when Amit explained that [she] felt [she] had been 'living in disguise' for 40 years, Galit admits she 'broke down'.

During his gender reassignment surgery Thailand, Galit supported Amit throughout the transition process and learn to love her again as a wife. The pair also broke the news to their children that 'Daddy thinks that he was born in the wrong body'.

She explains: ‘In Israel, gender dysphoria is when your soul is not connected to your body. So I thought maybe if she could get a woman's body, her own body, then she would be happy and be in a better place in her life... and maybe I could get back my husband as a wife.

‘I loved her soul, and I loved her so much that I didn't care if she was a woman or a man,' Galit adds.

'I wanted to check how far I could go with out breaking up the family. To check what my boundaries were for loving Amit.'

Shortly afterward, Amit and Galit remarried as wife and wife wearing matching white dresses

A few months later, the pair split during the filming for their documentary. Amit has since found love again with Shirley, a woman who she met on a lesbian dating website, and the pair are now married.

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