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Monday, January 15, 2018

Nigerian Lady Calls Out Her Fiance Who She Has Been Dating For 4year For Marrying Another Lady When Their Own Introduction Was Only Next Month

It’s indeed a monday morning drama, but erm, while some of us might see this has ‘funny’, witty or even say why call him out, a lady is at the moment down in tears and pains.

Deola, who goes by the name della_allure on instagram have caled Ebunoluwa Adebogun (@ebunoluwaadebogun)out saying she married a wrong man, and he Daunsi (Leonard_daunsi) is actually her man. She went on to say, Daunsi was planning to come and know her family next month and they have dated for 4 years and even bought a car together just this last July. What Deola wrote on IG this early morning, right after the cut…

@ebunoluwaadebogun , you haven’t gotten a husband o. This gold digger you call a husband proposed to you since december 2016, still went ahead for a court wedding with you in October,2017 and he’s still in a relationship with me till date,this stupid idiot was still planning to see my family in february so we can go ahead with our wedding plans.

@Leonard_daunsi , the money we contributed together in july to get a car for taxify, i am awaiting my refund. All thanks to a faithful God that made me know about this ur unbelievable acts yesterday morning the 14th January 2018.

tanks to all the 4 wasted years of being with you. God wil pay u back in ur own coin and to let you know that i am aware of your upcoming white wedding.ur unborn generations will suffer for this u av done, God will make u suffer in multiple folds for the pains u av put m through in the past 24 hours

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