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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Maggot Infested Food Served To Corpers In NYSC Kebbi Camp (Photos)

According to an Instagram user and corper apparently serving in Kebbi, Fabrepas Emmanuel, here’s the food they were allegedly served at the camp, He wrote;

May God save our corpers from the food served in so called NYSC Kebbi state kitchen. It is well with Nigeria

See some reactions below;

Christmas Billy Hahaha my dear that’s Nigeria for you but mine was different when I did my nysc in Toronto tho it’s protein giving organism .. meanwhile those of you that used to say their grandfather refused to be sold to slavery and that would have made black Americans..dear this is the time don’t loose this opportunity..trek to Libya and be sold oo

OlodoRabata Dicaprio I weep for my country Nigeria… Corpers are been treated as slaves.. The life of a prisoner is better than that of a corper… I rather kill myself than commit suicide trying to serve Nigeria…. When I get to heaven I’d carry Nigerian flag on my hand so that God would understand that I’ve been to hell before

Firstway Dickson Nothing were person no the see for this Obobo call Nigeria… If I were you now, go straight to the person that cooked the food and force him or her to it… Ah ah what nonsense na, is it not beta to tell me that the food has spoiled that to give me to manage it. I will not do because of economy and manage food that I will eat and it will give me sickness at the end of the day o

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