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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Former popular blogger, Necole Bitchie, is now a competitive body builder - see how she looks now

NNecole Kane, popularly known as Necole Bitchie, was a very popular blogger who owned one of the most widely visited celebrity gossip blogs in the United States. In 2015, she announced she was giving up blogging to move to other things. However, a year later she revealed that things weren't going as well for her and that she had gone broke a few times and was in debt after quitting blogging, but she promised she was on her way back up.

Now, she seems to be getting her life back on track as she has taken up a new passion - competitive body building. Nicole is now a body builder and took part in her first body building competition just last week. Necole's new passion has changed her physical appearance. She is now taut and muscular as opposed to the slim, soft woman she was (left)

Right is what she looks like now..

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