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Friday, January 13, 2017

18 year old Instagram star exposes footballer Gonzalo Higuain on IG for asking her for nudes (photos)

Antonella Fiordelisi, an 18 year old Instagram celeb and model who also engages in the sport of fencing, with following of over 285,000 fans, exposed Juventus/Argentina striker Gonzalo Higuain of flirting with her and asking for nudes on social media. She took to her Instagram page to reveal that the former Napoli star has been chatting with her on Whatsapp for sometime but recently asked her for a 'sexy' picture revealing 'her flesh'.

According to the WhatsApp chat, Higuian asked for her nudes, saying:

“Another one. Like the ones on Instagram.”Fiordelisi replied: “I’ll do it in a moment, hang on.” and the footballer was left waiting for her nudes, only for her to send him a pic of her 'squeezed' face.
She exposed the chat to her followers on IG and wrote ;Higuain, he asks for pictures of my arse on Twitter… he’s sick!

But following comments from her fans that she didn't need to be so harsh on the footballer by exposing the chat and then calling him 'sick', she took to her Facebook page to apologize to Higuain, saying she didn't intend to create needless gossip by uploading the chat. Translated to English, the Post reads:

"Just for clarity: I spoke with Higuain a couple of times on Instagram, and our conversations were playful and funny. I did not want to offend him – Higuain is not sick, he has always been polite with me and never inappropriate. I apologise to him, I did not intend to create needless gossip. It was just a joke. I learned my lesson"

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