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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Toya Wright describes the painful moment she found out her brothers were killed: "It was the worst news ever"

Toya Wright has opened up about what exactly happened the fateful night her brothers Rudy and Josh Johnson were killed in a shootout in New Orleans. In a interview with People the reality star revealed she was hosting an event in Baton Rouge the night of the murders.

"I got a call from my sister-in-law and she was like, 'Your brothers just got shot,'" she recalls. "The music was loud and I'm [thinking], this can't be real." She tried to call other relatives, but nobody would answer their phone.

"I guess they didn't want to tell me what was really going on," She later spoke to her sister-in-law again, who told Wright that her brothers were still inside the car, the crime scene was cordoned off and no one was allowed near the vehicle."
"When she said that," Wright explains, "I just knew."

The ex-wife of Lil Wayne whom she shares 17-year-old daughter Reginae Carter with, drove to New Orleans to join her family.

"It was the worst news ever," she says. "Murders happen every day and this is another dark night in New Orleans. You hear about stories like this all the time, but it doesn't really hit you until you get that call. It hits so close to home." Unfortunately, there is still no justice for the Johnson brothers. "We have not publicly identified a suspect or suspects in the case at this time," police spokesman Tyler Gamble tellsPeople. "The investigation is ongoing."

Although recent events have made life overwhelming at times, Wright is trying to stay strong.

"I'm praying day and night because it hurts," she says. "I really understand what it means to have a hole in your heart."

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